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The Oklahoma Sculpture Society is an organization of Oklahoma Sculptors working, sharing, showing, and learning together. The Society meets the second Thursday of each month
(7 pm) at the City Arts Center located on the state fairgrounds in Oklahoma City. Annual membership dues are $35.

To contact the organization contact 

Glen Thomas.  His email address is gthomas49@pldi.net or

phone 405-488-4662 


for webpage info contact Neal Willison at naw@osuokc.edu



Have you paid your annual membership dues?  If not send in your $35 dollars to our Treasure, Neal Willison 3612 N. W. 19th Street, Oklahoma City, OK. 73107. Student membership is $15 per year and out-of-state members only wanting the newsletter is $15 per year. Supporting membership is $50 per year.



On Thursday, January 12, we will have our medallion contest, elections, and a program with:  

 Sohail Shehada

Sohail Shehada received both a Master of Fine Arts in ceramics and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oklahoma. Prior to these, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Oklahoma State University. Shehada has received an impressive list of public and private commissions in bronze and marble as well as multiple awards. He currently lives and teaches, as part of the faculty at the University of Oklahoma, in Norman. He created several sculptures that are permanently displayed on the OU campus as well as numerous public and private commissions of prominent individuals.



 As evidenced in the above photos, Sohail has an ability to capture the essence of an individual in both three dimensions as well as pastel.   We will undoubtedly find him to be an exceptionally interesting artist and speaker.

We will be meeting in our regular venue ... Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center. Fortunately, there will be a new show installed:  ArtNow 2017.  Kelsey Karper, co-creator of ArtNow 2017, wrote, “Aptly titled, ArtNow is a survey of what artists are making right now in Oklahoma. In assembling this collection, we considered dozens of artists — seeking ideas from colleagues, reviewing websites and traveling hundreds of miles making studio visits across the state. This process was exceptionally rewarding, introducing us both to new artists.”

Jim Franklin will soon be giving us guidelines for submitting photographs.   

You will enjoy ArtNow, get to know Sohail’s work and have an “ArtFilled” evening.                

You are encouraged to bring a friend or colleague, your medallion entries – members attending will be voting for the winner, so be sure your name is on the back of the board!  And bring sculpture to share!

As reported in December, our current officers are running for re-election: Glen Thomas, President; Janie Tigert, Vice-President; Delene Brewer, Secretary; Neal Willison, Treasurer and Dru Marseilles, Historian.  Nominations will also be taken from the floor.    

That’s at 7:00, Contemporary Arts, 3000 Pershing Blvd., Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.  

 Dues are due!  

Still only $35 and $15 for students; $50 for supporting members.  Bring them to the meeting or mail to Neal Willison, 3612 N.W. 19th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.   

Ideas for workshops or sculpt-ins?  Let Glen Thomas know what you think:  glenthomasart@gmail.com or 405-488-4662.   

Directory updates:  

Lea Zrenda has a new address: 1710 Olde School Point, Edmond, 73012, and Ally Sharpe’s phone numbers are 513-7679 (home) and 888-7811 (cell).

January meeting information for TOSS:

Our Tulsa group’s January meeting will be held Saturday, January 14, 10:00-2:00 in the clubhouse at Hyde Park at 8450 S. Phoenix Place West.  Their regular meeting place, Ziegler’s, is currently unavailable but should be where they meet in February.  Contact Larry Waid, waid8337@att.net or 918-607-5612 for more information.


We’re going digital!  

This is our first digital publication.  It is formatted on 8½” x 11” pages for printing purposes. You will see below a new offering for our newsletter. When you send in your information on your latest project, it will appear under the heading “Member news.” The guidelines will be simple. Send us the information and a few digital photos no greater than 7” on the longest side and 72dpi. We will format the information and insert your story into the newsletter. We may not be able to insert all photos but we will send you a proof of the member page for your approval. The layout of Jim Franklin’s news below is an example of how it will be formatted.


Member news:    

Jim Franklin’s sculpture of Jack VanBebber unveiled November 12, 2016.

The Perry Wrestling Foundation has successfully installed their monument to the Perry, Oklahoma wrestling program with the unveiling of 1932 Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler Jack VanBebber on the north side of the town square.  

Perry is known for its wrestling prowess.  Forty (40) state team championships, more than any other high school wrestling program in the nation, are owned by the Perry Maroons. They have many more wrestling records, exceeding those of most larger high schools in Oklahoma.

People in Perry care passionately about the sport of wrestling.  They care enough to make the sacrifices and support the enormous effort it takes to excel in a sport built on strength, patience and persistence.  They care enough to build this monument to success using private donations.  

From the overall layout of the park, to the design of the elements and the sculpting of the life and one quarter size bronze statues of Danny Hodge and Jack VanBebber, local sculptor Jim Franklin was very involved in helping make the Perry Wrestling Monument Park a reality.


Ben and Kay Passow unveil Ben’s        Olympions Danny Hodge (left) 

Uncle Jack VanBebber                         and Jack VanBebber.



       Jim Franklin, Sculptor receives bronze maquette from Chance Leonard

Secretary/Treasurer of the Perry Wrestling Foundation just prior to the unveiling.

Perry Maroon 2016 wrestling team, coaches and foundation members

                                                  attended the unveiling.

Phyllis deQuevedo wins two awards at the WAOW National Show

“Both of the sculptures I entered into the 46th Annual Women Artists of the West National Show won an award. ‘Into the Wind’ won a first place in the 3D category and ‘Go with the Flow’ won the Castille Award of Excellence.”   

Burneta Venosdel receives award

Burneta received an award at the recent WAOW Annual National Juried Show at RS Hanna Gallery in Fredericksburg, TX, and she said several Oklahoma artists attended the 4 days of events and paint outs.  Also: more information will be forthcoming on Jim Franklin’s workshop during the APA Signature Show in Pawhuska in March if the class hasn’t filled by the deadline for APA members, which will allow non-members to sign up.




   Oklahoma Sculpture Society

1708 Sandpiper Drive

Edmond , OK 73034

The Oklahoma Sculpture Society was established in the fall of 1979 as a non-profit corporation devoted to the education, appreciation and creation of three-dimensional art.  

   Reminder: :  The newsletter deadline is the 20th of each month.  Please send your news to Dru Marseilles , 1708 Sandpiper Drive , Edmond , OK 73034 (405-341-6570) - or e-mail it to dmarseilles@cox.net.  Dues are $35 each calendar year; $15 for students or those out-of-state members wanting only the newsletter; $50 for supporting members.  Please send to OSS Treasurer Neal Willison , 3612 N.W. 19th Street, Oklahoma City, OK  73107.

OSS Membership Form








Please indicate your interests in the following in order to help us in our planning:  

Saturday sculpt-ins?___________   With a model?__________________________


Workshops:  1-, 2- or 3-day?_____________  With a model?__________________

     Instructors you’d like?________________________________________________




Field trip ideas?________________________________________________________


Programs and/or presenters you’d like to see us have:________________________




Ideas for increasing meeting attendance and participation in our activities?__________



     Would you like more social activities?___________________________________


Other comments or suggestions:________________________________________

Thank you!  Please return this along with your dues ($35) to Neal Willison at the next meeting or mail them to him at 3612 N.W. 19th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107

 The Oklahoma Sculpture Society was established in the fall of 1979 as a non-profit corporation devoted to the education, appreciation and creation of three-dimensional art.  

Reminders:  The newsletter deadline is the 20th of each month.  Please send your news to Dru Marseilles, 1708 Sandpiper Drive, Edmond, OK 73034 (405-341-6570) - or e-mail it to dmarseilles@cox.net.  Dues are $35 each calendar year; $15 for students or those out-of-state members wanting only the newsletter; $50 for supporting members.  Please send to OSS Treasurer Neal Willison, 3612 N.W. 19th Street, Oklahoma City, OK  73107.     

Website:  www.ossculpture.com


Oklahoma Sculpture Society

1708 Sandpiper Drive

Edmond, OK 73034









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