Next Meeting January 11 at 7 pm at City Arts Center 

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The Oklahoma Sculpture Society is an organization of Oklahoma Sculptors working, sharing, showing, and learning together. The Society meets the second Thursday of each month
(7 pm) at the City Arts Center located on the state fairgrounds in Oklahoma City. Annual membership dues are $35.

To contact the organization contact 

Glen Thomas.  His email address is gthomas49@pldi.net or

phone 405-488-4662 


for webpage info contact Neal Willison at naw@osuokc.edu



OSS 2018 leadership:

President – Jim Franklin; OKC Vice President – Janie Tigert; Tulsa Vice President – Larry Waid; Treasurer – Neal Willison; Secretary – Delene Brewer; Historian – Dru Marseilles.

OKC committees: Programs – Mary Greear and Glen Thomas; Newsletter – Dru Marseilles and Jim Franklin; Website – Neal Willison; Sculpt-ins – Glen Thomas; Door Prizes – Neal Willison; Hospitality – Dru Marseilles.

Tulsa leadership: President – Larry Waid; Treasurer - Pat Regan; Secretary - Katharine Dillsaver; Calling Committee - Pat Regan, Britt Morgan and Pamela Winters.

Thanks to all for being willing to work on behalf of our organization!


OKC news:

In addition to our medallion contest, our 2018 kickoff program will be presented by Australian native Stephen Schwark, who moved to the U.S. in 2014, settling in Stillwater Oklahoma with his young family. Creating metal sculpture for over 15 years, Stephen has been fortunate enough to have sold his work all over the globe.

Schwark draws his inspiration from the perfection of the natural world and the depths of human imagination. His medium is mostly reclaimed metal. In most cases the metal has been through decades of wear and has then succumb to a forgotten life on the ground. That is until Schwark finds this lonely piece of metal and transcends it into a sculpture that can forever be present in one’s home or gallery.

Ol’ Blue is a 7-foot metal sculpture of the giant of giants ... the Blue Whale.

"The ocean has played a very important role in my life, and to make a sculpture of the largest living creature in the world was a very rewarding experience. This sculpture balances freely upon a stand that emulates the graceful motion they portray in the depths of the ocean. Whales have always intrigued me with their curious nature and intelligent minds. They are the true gentle giants."

Remember to bring your medallion entries and sculpture to share! That’s at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 11, at the Contemporary Arts Center on the State Fairgrounds. If you have not created a new medallion, the ones you entered in previous years are eligible for entry into this year’s contest.

OKC’s Christmas Party: Nineteen people attended the December 9 Christmas party at Glen’s. The weather was good and so was the food! Here are a few of the people attending


Craig Tigert Ken Hartman Scott Roberts

Ginny Thomas and Delene Brewer

Tulsa news:

The Tulsa sculpture group met Saturday, December 9 at Zieglers.

From left to right, front row: Cora Stout (in striped shirt, she is 8 and is Josh Stout’s daughter), Phil Marsh (seated), Ava Nicole Caveny (Sally’s sister Lisette’s granddaughter, 8 yrs old), James Wallace (seated).

Back row: Josh Stout, Pat Regan, Britt Morgan, Sally Flora-French, Larry Waid, Dian Church, Pat Flanagan and John Kerr.

"The two 8-yr.-old girls had their clay and had fun working together. I brought lunch so everyone could visit, work and watch Larry’s demo on armatures and hands. Many of us brought things to work on and it was a great meeting." – Sally Flora-French

The Tulsa Christmas party at Pat Flanagan’s home was held December 16. Nine OSS members and their spouses attended, in addition to friends and neighbors of the Flanagans. Pictured here are James Wallace, Pat Flanagan, Sally Flora-French, Larry Waid, Jim Franklin and Dian Church. Other members attending were John Kerr, Pat Regan and Britt Morgan.

Kristen Abramson will be doing a workshop on birds in the fall of 2018.

Pamela Winters tells us that she has been accepted into the Women Artists of the West 2nd annual spring show in Fredericksburg, TX, at the RS Hanna Gallery.


Donot forget to work on your medallion.

Use a firm/medium oil-base clay, Sculpy, or wax, to sculpt your medallion. Attach it to a shellacked or plastic board. The shape can be anything as long as it fits within a 3" square and is at least Ľ" but less than ˝" thick. "OSS" and "2017" (raised or incised) must appear somewhere on the piece. Your name cannot be visible anywhere on the front and must appear on the back. The winner will be selected by a vote of those OSS members and guests present at the meeting in November.



The Oklahoma Sculpture Society was established in the fall of 1979 as a non-profit corporation devoted to the education, appreciation and creation of three-dimensional art. Oklahoma City meetings are generally held the 2nd Thursday evening of the month at the Contemporary Arts Center in the State Fairgrounds.

Reminders: The newsletter deadline is the 20th of each month. Please send your news to Dru Marseilles, 1708 Sandpiper Drive, Edmond, OK 73034 (405-341-6570) - or e-mail it to dmarseilles@cox.net. Dues are $35 each calendar year; $15 for students or those out-of-state members wanting only the newsletter; $50 for supporting members. Please send to OSS Treasurer Neal Willison, 3612 N.W. 19th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.