Next Meeting November 9th at Art Fusion Studio at 7 p.m.


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The Oklahoma Sculpture Society is an organization of Oklahoma Sculptors working, sharing, showing, and learning together. The Society meets the second Thursday of each month
(7 pm) at the City Arts Center located on the state fairgrounds in Oklahoma City. Annual membership dues are $35.

To contact the organization contact 

Glen Thomas.  His email address is gthomas49@pldi.net or

phone 405-488-4662 


for webpage info contact Neal Willison at naw@osuokc.edu



Our November meeting will be a field trip to Art Fusion Studio. For those who remember, we visited Blue Sage Studio and learned about glass blowing. Thursday, November 9th, we will be next door. Both of these successful businesses are located at 1218 N. Western in OKC. You will be able to explore where Rick and Tracy bring their creativity to life!

Art Fusion Studio

Rick & Tracey Bewley: We are mixed media artists and have been collaborating as Art Fusion Studio for approximately 15 years. We enjoy working in many materials including glass, metal, wood and acrylic fabrication. We are a husband and wife team with different and complementary abilities that allow us to design and fabricate very unique art. We are both drawn to mixing materials that highly contrast each other, like glass and concrete, or acrylic and rusted steel. This dichotomy of materials leads you to examine each more closely, to notice the natural blend of colors in the rust and the complexity of reflections on a polished surface. In particular we love to include an element of transparency so that lighting, natural or otherwise, also becomes an important part of the sculpture. The transparency also adds depth as the layers of construction are revealed and the landscape on the other side becomes a part of the design.

This could be a great opportunity to find a special glass Christmas gift for a loved one. Rick and Tracy may be able to help you design that special gift. We are excited to bring you this interesting and educational program.

Because we are going to Art Fusion Studio, we have decided to move the voting for our Medallion Contest to the January 11, 2018 Meeting. You all now have a lot of time to create several pieces of work for judging by your peers! A secret question you can ask Rick and Tracy is how can we make a glass medallion that will fit within the rules. Maybe we could change the rules to include other mediums? Just think’n!! That’s Thursday, November 9, Art Fusion Studio, 1218 N. Western, OKC ... But most of all be there to support your OSS and enjoy looking at beautiful glass creations.

Then the next night, Friday, November 10, is the opening reception for our Winter Show, beginning at 6:00. Anyone interested in having dinner beforehand at Belle Isle is welcome – call Glen Thomas (488-4662) by Thursday to let him know, and plan to be there by 4:55.

And save the date: Glen and Ginny Thomas will be hosting our Christmas party on Saturday, December 9! Details next month.

Tulsa news:

From Larry: We have several new OSS members and several prospective members asking for training on how to get started constructing a sculpture. In response, OSS Tulsa is currently doing continuing workshops focusing on armature building and proceeding on to applying clay and working toward a completed sculpture. This will continue on through this year and into 2018, if needed.

We had the youngest new sculptor guest – 6-year-old "Josey" – at our last meeting. Can't start too early.

Current activities: Catherine Johnston and Larry Waid are currently showing at the Hive Art Center in Jenks through October 27. Larry will also be showing again at the Hive from Nov. 7 - Dec. 8.

"Art in the Square" on October 7th was a success – and the weather was perfect. These pictures were provided by Sally

 Flora-French, Larry Waid and Pamela Winters.

Phyllis deQuevedo with an excited young patron and her grandmother admiring Phyllis’ work.

Those participating in the show were Pamela Winters, Kristen Abramson, Britt Morgan, Pat Regan, Sally Flora-French, Larry Waid and Phyllis deQuevedo.


Those participating in the show were Pamela Winters, Kristen Abramson, Britt Morgan, Pat Regan, Sally Flora-French, Larry Waid and Phyllis deQuevedo

Sally Flora-French and Phyllis deQuevedo having fun.

OSS members’ work on display.

"We are finishing up the last of the Audubon Zoo project this month. We have been working hard to get the rest of the meerkat family done. They will be installed in the same area as the elephants and lions at the zoo in New Orleans at the end of the month."




Donot forget to work on your medallion.

Use a firm/medium oil-base clay, Sculpy, or wax, to sculpt your medallion. Attach it to a shellacked or plastic board. The shape can be anything as long as it fits within a 3" square and is at least ¼" but less than ½" thick. "OSS" and "2017" (raised or incised) must appear somewhere on the piece. Your name cannot be visible anywhere on the front and must appear on the back. The winner will be selected by a vote of those OSS members and guests present at the meeting in November.



The Oklahoma Sculpture Society was established in the fall of 1979 as a non-profit corporation devoted to the education, appreciation and creation of three-dimensional art. Oklahoma City meetings are generally held the 2nd Thursday evening of the month at the Contemporary Arts Center in the State Fairgrounds.

Reminders: The newsletter deadline is the 20th of each month. Please send your news to Dru Marseilles, 1708 Sandpiper Drive, Edmond, OK 73034 (405-341-6570) - or e-mail it to dmarseilles@cox.net. Dues are $35 each calendar year; $15 for students or those out-of-state members wanting only the newsletter; $50 for supporting members. Please send to OSS Treasurer Neal Willison, 3612 N.W. 19th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.