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Next Meeting March 8 at 7 pm at City Arts Center 

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To print and application for membership: 2018 Membership Application.docx

To print and application for membership: 2018 Membership Application.docx

The Oklahoma Sculpture Society is an organization of Oklahoma Sculptors working, sharing, showing, and learning together. The Oklahoma City chapter meets the second Thursday of each month
(7 pm) at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center located on the state fairgrounds in Oklahoma City. Annual membership dues are $35. The Tulsa chapter meets on Saturday mornings in Tulsa, contact Larry Waid for details.

To contact the organization contact 

Jim Franklin - jimfranklinstudio@att.net 

phone 580-572-8317

for Tulsa information Contact

Larry Waid - waid8337@att.net

Phone 918-607-5612 



The March 8 OKC program will be presented by Janie Tigert’s daughter, Piper Bridwell, who is having tremendous success showing and selling artwork on social media.  

She will give examples of what to post, how to post and how to get beautiful photographs with your smartphone. This promises to be a very practical presentation for anyone who needs help marketing original art.

Piper is a native Oklahoman and a third-generation artist. She began her art career in 2010 when she started her own business painting and restoring furniture. After several years in this venture, she realized her creative appetite was still unfulfilled and committed herself to a new career in fine art. She loves color and paints in a modern, progressive style. She immediately began posting photographs of her work on social media and is quickly becoming a collected artist.

Join us Thursday, March 8, 7:00 p.m. at Contemporary Arts Center in the Fairgrounds


Bring sculpture to share!

The March 10th Tulsa Workshop will feature Pat Flanagan demonstrating how to make an inexpensive silicone and plaster mother mold. Pat has developed her own method to make her molds. She uses the molds to cast her work in plaster, to which she applies a faux patina to look like bronze.

Everyone needs to attend what should prove to be a very informative meeting.


Larry Waid and three other artists were selected by the Jenks Public Schools Film Program Artist's Documentary project for a film documentary which included Larry’s work and a sculpture demonstration by him. Larry and two students spent 7½ hours filming, and the documentary will be competing with those of three other teams in April.

Our February Tulsa meeting was attended by 8 brave souls, in spite of the icy road conditions, with another 8 responding who were unable to get there. Pat Flanagan made a huge salad to go with the pizza we ordered in for lunch. We each continued applying clay to our pieces. The newer members are all doing very well on their sculptures. John Kerr brought his brother Bill, who went right to work building an armature and adding clay.

Pictured below is James Wallace playing one of the didgeridoos he just completed. James has been making, displaying and selling these for several years. The amount of work and detail he puts into each piece is outstanding. It is amazing how a throw-away piece of wood can be repurposed to make a musical instrument and a beautiful sculpture.

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument developed by the indigenous peoples of northern Australia, potentially within the last 1,500 years, which is still in widespread use today both in Australia and around the world. It is sometimes described as a natural wooden trumpet or "drone pipe." Musicologists classify it as an aerophone.

Former members Susanne Cox Bradley, Doug Brower and Bob Willis have rejoined OSS after several years’ absence – welcome back!


We’re adding a photo section to our directory and hope everyone will participate. Just send a headshot to dmarseilles@cox.net. We’d like to have these by Monday, March 12, and will take it from there!

The following is an area I would like to add to our OSS Newsletter is called "Jim’s Clay Bits." If you have any tidbits, send them to me … jimfranklinstudio@att.net.

I will ensure they make an OSS Newsletter.


This is a project I completed for the Perry Carnegie Library in Perry, OK. The sponsor of the project was the Perry Progress Club (Federation of Women’s Clubs). It is a life size bronze showing a girl reading "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" with Tom looking over her shoulder.

A friend of mine found this book cover on the internet. When he saw it he said, "I know that sculpture," and sent this photo to me via email.

The author did not ask my permission to use the subject of the sculpture. However, the author was well within his rights to use the image … as he took the picture. He was kind enough to give me full credit on the acknowledgements page. More times than not, the sculptor receives no recognition. Thank you, Gary. "Great free advertising."


The OSS Board of Directors has decided on a Members Only Show to be held October 2nd through October 13th at The Museum Broken Arrow. This is a history museum, with an area suited for art shows and other events, in the old town portion of Broken Arrow. It is on the south end of Main Street. The entire area has been totally renovated with many upscale restaurants, stores and entertainment venues. If you have not been there lately, it’s worth a look.

There is apparently some confusion concerning what is eligible to be entered.

If you are a member of the OSS in good standing (dues are paid), you may enter the following:

1) Sculpture of your design and creation. To be juried and judged with prizes for first, second, and third and honorable mentions. The number of honorable mentions will be determined by the judge. The number of pieces per person accepted for the show is yet to be determined.

2) If you work in more than one medium (i.e. sculpture and two-dimensional work) and have sculpture juried in, you may enter two-dimensional work you have done. The number of 2-dimensional pieces to be accepted has yet to be determined. These entries will not be judged but will be juried at the same time as your sculpture entries.

Reminder: on October 12, the museum is the VIP location for the Wine, Eats and Easels fundraiser for Broken Arrow Neighbors. This is a HUGE event in Broken Arrow and will provide tremendous exposure for the artists!

The show will be in lieu of our December Fifty Penn Place Show.



OSS 2018 leadership:

President – Jim Franklin; OKC Vice President – Janie Tigert; Tulsa Vice President – Larry Waid; Treasurer – Neal Willison; Secretary – Delene Brewer; Historian – Dru Marseilles.

OKC committees: Programs – Mary Greear and Glen Thomas; Newsletter – Dru Marseilles and Jim Franklin; Website – Neal Willison; Sculpt-ins – Glen Thomas; Door Prizes – Neal Willison; Hospitality – Dru Marseilles.

Tulsa leadership: President – Larry Waid; Treasurer - Pat Regan; Secretary - Katharine Dillsaver; Calling Committee - Pat Regan, Britt Morgan and Pamela Winters.

Thanks to all for being willing to work on behalf of our organization!


for webpage info contact Neal Willison at naw@osuokc.edu

The Oklahoma Sculpture Society was established in the fall of 1979 as a non-profit corporation devoted to the education, appreciation and creation of three-dimensional art. Oklahoma City meetings are generally held the 2nd Thursday evening of the month at the Contemporary Arts Center in the State Fairgrounds.

Reminders: The newsletter deadline is the 20th of each month. Please send your news to Dru Marseilles, 1708 Sandpiper Drive, Edmond, OK 73034 (405-341-6570) - or e-mail it to dmarseilles@cox.net. Dues are $35 each calendar year; $15 for students or those out-of-state members wanting only the newsletter; $50 for supporting members. Please send to OSS Treasurer Neal Willison, 3612 N.W. 19th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.

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