2017 Winner Janie Tigert

Medallion specs: 

For those of you not at the last meeting: Jim Franklin said to use a hard medium such as oil-base clay, Sculpy, wax, or fired terracotta.  Shape can be anything as long as it fits within a 3” square and is at least ¼” and less than ½” thick.  Have it on a board with shellac on it unless it is Formica. It needs to be recessed at the top (see diagram) and have “OSS” and “2007” – raised or incised – included (the metal letters are no longer available to us).   Plan on having these for our May meeting. 

Fellow Sculptors. 

Attached are the Medallion Contest Specifications (rules).  I apologize for the delay in getting this to you.  As you read in the news letter, the Contest will be judged at the May meeting of the OSS . 

I hope everyone can participate this year.  Because 2007 is Oklahoma ’s Centennial I hope everyone picks a centennial theme.  This can be anything related to Oklahoma .  Is this a great state or what!

 Let me know if any part of these instructions do not make sense or you have other questions about the contest.  

Good sculpting to you all,



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Medallion Contest Specifications. 

q       The Medallion should be sculpted on a board approx. 6” x 6” x 3/8” thick.  Any scrap wood is acceptable.  Try to make sure it is flat as possible.             

q       Prime the board with “Bullseye” amber shellac.  This is the best quality and dries much faster than urethane.  Urethane is an acceptable alternative.  Do not coat the original sculpture with a release agent.  That step will be performed prior to going to the foundry. 

q       You may patina the medallion prior to delivery to the meeting.  It will make it look more appealing to your peers.  This sometimes causes small problems with the molding or casting process but can easily be worked around.  

q       You may use a firm oil base clay, wax or Sculpy.  These are firm enough to get at least 5 impressions.  If you chose to sculpt in water based clay, it must be bisque fired in order to have sufficient strength for sand casting.  This can then be hot or otherwise glued to the board.  If the material is not firm, significant detail will be lost with each successive pressing into the sand. 

q       The winning sculpture will be hot cast in Bronze.  Make sure there are no undercuts.  As the piece may be sand cast, undercuts will cause  the pattern to not pull cleanly from the sand and a poor casting will result.  The lost wax process for casting may be chosen.  In the lost wax process, it makes mold making and metal chasing easier if you keep undercuts out of the design or at least to a minimum. 

q       The medallion should be no more than 3/8” to 1/2” thick at the thickest part.  It is preferable to keep it under 3/8” but not less than 1/4” thick.   

q       The draft on the outside edge should be no less than 5 degrees. (see sketch).  This allows the pattern to be pulled easily and cleanly from the molding sand.   

q       The maximum size of the medallion should be no more than 3” SQUARE in any direction.   You can use any shape within that 3” SQUARE.  You are encouraged to be creative, stretch the envelope and think outside the box but work within the 3” SQUARE BOX.  Round is nice, however, some different shapes lend interest.   

q       The letters “OSS” and the “year” of the contest must appear somewhere on the piece.  For example 2007 or 07.  Want to use Roman style, “MCVXXX” for the year?  Have a ball.   You may place them anywhere on your sculpture you desire.  While sculpting the letters can be tedious, they can add to the design/composition.  The letters may be raised or incised.   If incised, make sure they are clean edged and without undercuts.  Do not use alphabet noodles.  They do not  cast well.  You are on your own for letters of the alphabet.   

q       The following is for your information and you do not have to do anything. The foundry will coat the medallion you sculpt with shellac and a release powder prior to pressing into the sand.  The shellac helps harden the clay and prevents the sand from sticking to the clay.  If a mold is made for the “lost wax process” the piece will also be coated, a mold made and waxes pulled from the mold.   

q       YOUR NAME MUST NOT APPEAR anywhere on the face of the sculpture or on the top side of the board on which the sculpture is adhered.  YOU MAY place you name on the bottom of the board.  However, the name is to be covered with a piece of paper or some type of tape that can be easily removed.  As this is a blind judging by our peers, your name must not be visible.  

q       Each member in good standing (paid your dues) may enter up to 3 entries at any one contest.  We want quantity as well as quality. 

q       IF any of the above rules are not followed and is ruled to not be in compliance by two members of the board of directors of the OSS, your piece will be disqualified.  IF any member of the OSS feels the piece is not in compliance with the rules, it is the responsibility of that member to bring it to the attention of the OSS board representatives.  Sorry, but …….  

q       The contest will be judged by all members in good standing (paid your dues) of the Oklahoma Sculpture Society.  The contest will be held during a regular OSS meeting chosen by the OSS Board of Directors.  The medallion receiving the most votes by those OSS members present will be declared the winner.  The judging will be by secret ballot.  The ballots will be counted by at least two members of the OSS Board who did not submit a medallion for judging.  

q       A new medallion theme will be selected by the OSS Board of Directors each year and announced at the January meeting.  For example, 2007 is/was the Centennial year for Oklahoma.  A depiction of some person, event, or thing relative to the first 100 years of statehood is to be represented on the medallion.  Each year will be a different theme.  Theme suggestions by the OSS members are encouraged. 

q       Be creative and good luck!!!