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Oklahoma Sculpture Society Membership Application



Address ______________________________________________________

City ____________________ State ________________ Zip code_________

Cell phone ___________________       Home phone ___________________

Email _________________________________________________________

Oklahoma City chapter _____  Tulsa chapter ______

Media you work in _______________________________________________

Please indicate your interests in the following to help with planning and scheduling event:

Saturday workshops ________________  1 to 4 day workshops ___________

Working with live models _______________ Subjects ____________________


Instructors you would like to work with ________________________________

Field trips you would like to see ______________________________________

Programs / presentations suggestions __________________________________


Please return your application along with $35.00 annual membership fee to:

Neal Willison, OSS Treasure, 3612 N.W. 19th Street, Oklahoma City, Ok. 73107.


Both Oklahoma City and Tulsa Chapters of OSS conduct meetings and workshops. For Oklahoma City events contact Jim Franklin his email is jimfranklinstudio@att.net  or phone 580-572-8317, for Tulsa events contact Larry Waid his email is waid8337@att.net or phone 918-607-5612.



 Jim Franklin's Life Time Achievement Award Reception 2014

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Lou Moore Hale   Jim looks on Dru Marseilles Jim Speaks Jim Franklin
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Jim's Daughter

Jennifier Jim Jim Jim's Daughter


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Jim and Lou Jim and Lou Jim Group Group



OSS Winter Show



At 50 Penn Place Gallery

Just double click on any picture to enlarge

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Mother Earth Rising.jpg (833997 bytes)

Majestiac Strike.jpg (857537 bytes)

Hugs.jpg (798151 bytes)

What If?     Mother Earth Rising Majestic Strike Hugs

Stone Ware $750

Granite $800

Mixed Media $1000

Limestone $1200

Glen Thomas

     Ken Hartman

Ken Hartman

Ken Hartman

Sing His Praises 2.jpg (876288 bytes)

Pie Safe.jpg (961776 bytes)

Into the Wind.jpg (990350 bytes)

No Problem Here.jpg (1037996 bytes)

Sings His Praises

Pie Safe

Into the Wind

No Problem Here

Bronze $2750

Bronze $8500

Bronze $9250

Stoneware $750

John Rule

Rocky Hails

Phyllis Dequevedo

Glen Thomas

Down Stream Drifters.jpg (972276 bytes)

Heart Set Free.jpg (1040280 bytes)

Haven.jpg (931260 bytes)

One Heart.jpg (1041848 bytes)

Down Stream Drifters

Heart Set Free


One Heart

Bronze $3200

Bronze $2100

Bronze $4200

Bronze $3200

John Rule

Pamela Winters

Phyllis Dequevedo

Phyllis Dequevedo

Keeper of the Storms.jpg (892248 bytes)

Heart Beat of the Prairie 2.jpg (1013164 bytes)

Mystic.jpg (856174 bytes)

Too Hot To Work.jpg (726620 bytes)

Keeper of the Storms

Heart Beat of the Prairie


Too Hot To Work

Bronze $4250

Bronze $2950

Wood $250

Clay on Wood $850

John Rule

Pamela Winters

Delmas Woodruff

Glen Thomas

The Protector.jpg (754856 bytes)




The Protector


Bronze $4500


Wade Heckes


Photo were taken in place at the gallery. Prices and descriptions should be verified before purchase. 

The Show was Juried and Judged by David Phelps.

To Purchase any of the pieces contact  Dru Marseilles, 1708 Sandpiper Dr, Edmond, 73034. Phone 405-341-6570


City of Stillwater Public Library – Outdoor Sculpture

 The Friends of the Stillwater Public Library are seeking proposals for an outdoor sculpture to be located at the Stillwater Public Library. It is desired that the proposals in some way evoke some combination of: Library, Reading , Stillwater , and/or Oklahoma . Our Committee will begin consideration of all proposals Monday, June 2, 2008, and will continue to accept proposals until a final selection is made. For full details please visit http://library.stillwater.org and go to the Friends of the Librarylink. 

If the Request for Proposal listed on the above described website needs amplification, please direct inquiries to:

Bob Darcy

(405) 624-0381


2215 West Fifth Avenue

Stillwater , OK 7407

Subject: Artist Survey

The Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation are putting together a data base of Oklahoma artists.  We would appreciate any and all artists, including performing, visual, and traditional (such as quilters, basketmakers, spur makers, leather workers, etc).  We would like professional, amateur, and hobbyists to all be listed.

 This will help festival and event planners find more vendors and demonstration artists.  It will also help organizers to find performers.  The list is also available to any shops that want to carry Oklahoma made articles and galleries to find more artists to show. 

Please send the survey on to anyone who might be interested.  You can mail them or e-mail them back.


Melyn Johnson

Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation